5 Easy SEO Tips for Social Media Posts: Boost Your Organic Reach on Social Media

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Organic reach is essential in any social media campaign. You want to be able to reach new people without having to directly target them. Those that happen to stumble across your well-crafted tweet or interesting Facebook post might become a follower. They might even be impressed enough to become a customer. So how can we use SEO for social media to improve organic reach?

5 Ways To Boost Your Organic Reach on Social Media

1) Post Visually Compelling Content

It is not enough to write out a short tweet or Facebook update. It won’t be eye-catching enough to allow for engagement. You need to bring in pictures, links to other media, and videos. In fact, posts with videos tend to have the highest organic reach on Facebook. Don’t rely on one trick alone. Mix things up and keep an eye on your analytics to check their performance.

2) Post That Content At The Right Time

Timing is surprisingly effective for building organic reach. It is always a good idea to have a schedule set up for your posts. That way you can create a steady flow without missing a beat. However, did you realize it is better to post at off-peak times? It sounds illogical, but it actually means you aren’t going to get lost in the traffic. Both Twitter and Facebook are quietest between 1-3pm, so make the most of that.

3) Find A Balance Between Useful And Promotional Content

This is a rule that is easy to break, and it’s understandable. You want people to know exactly what you are about and what you can provide. Then you can ultimately bring them onboard as customers. The problem is that promotional content can get superficial and tiring. Followers will actually value useful content a lot more and stick around to see more. The best social media campaigns work on an 80/20 balance in favor of helpful posts.

4) Make Sure To Promote Your Profiles Everywhere

Another problem brands face with social media is staying too focused on one site. You can’t expect people to find your Twitter profile by accident when scrolling, or that your mutuals will retweet everything. Your Facebook group won’t know about your Tik Tok unless you tell them. Keep cross-promoting to build followers, and make sure to add social media buttons to your website. This means your blog pages, online store, and your landing page.

5) Talk To Followers When They Do Connect With You

Finally, a great way to maintain your organic reach is to build a relationship with your followers. It doesn’t have to be a deep and meaningful conversation. Thank them for any kind words they leave under your posts. Answer their questions or give product recommendations where applicable. Of course, you can still block the trolls. If you want to take this discourse further, you can post prompts asking people for opinions or memories. A poll is also a fun way to engage with people and get customer feedback.

Tackle SEO For Social Media From All Angles

The most important lesson here is to look at organic reach from different perspectives. Rethink your content and strategies on all platforms, cross-promote them, improve your engagement, and keep tweaking the plan. Over time, you will see that organic reach grow.


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