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Article marketing is considered one of the best techniques to promote your website and to increase its online visibility. Sure, some people are claiming that link building is more important, but link building can also based on original articles. One thing is certain: you will need original articles if you want your webpage on the first Google page of results. Let's see how article marketing can help you promote your business.

Offer quality original content

If you are able to create or buy original and quality content, the site will be considered influential for the respective niche and keywords. The visitors recognize quality content from the first words, and they would probably recommend it to their friends. These recommendations can be made using social networks, links, or emails, so it's essential to integrate social bookmarking tools on your website.

What to avoid

- Annoying text with loads of grammar mistakes. Lots of people think that taking text in a foreign language and translating it with Google translate is a good idea. Firstly, Google translate can never have perfect grammar, and secondly, this "smart" technique might already have been applied by somebody else, so your article may not be original. Article marketing is about quality, not quantity content.

- Integrating text in images or publishing text under the form of images. Visitors usually like to copy text, so this won't be possible. Moreover, Google is not able to read the text content on your page from images.

Try to remain organized around the theme. The article chosen for the article submission must be original and connected with the theme. It's always best to organize the text so the reader knows where the content begins and ends. Splitting the text in logical paragraphs helps the reader find relevant content faster.

Avoid placing long paragraphs, even if they contain relevant information. Most article submission websites will not give you any hints about the arrangement of the article, so you must figure it out in advance.

Use keywords and relevant language

Choose the words carefully for article submission, as searchers may find a piece of your webpage on the first page of Google results! Google AdWords offers an application for keywords, so you are able to find varieties of every keyword, and also relevant connected keywords that are important for the main theme of the site.

Google Webmaster Tools is another great program that shows you a list with the most relevant keyword searches for your site.

Avoid copying any kind of text from other pages, as your content will lose its value.

Offer new services and content. You should think about new ideas based on your niche. Selling simple hard disks would be tricky. Even the newer USB hard disks are common these days. However, a hard disk based on a wireless connection is surely something revolutionary that will attract many more visitors.