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Searching For Qualified Business Lead

By Obinna Heche

The number of free marketing leads is staggering. Walk outside your front door and you will see them walking next to you on the sidewalk. Go to the grocery store and they will stand in line at the check out stand in front of you as well as behind you. Sit on the bus and you will be surrounded by them, in short, free leads are everywhere. The art of turning a free network marketing lead into a qualified lead, however, is not as easy as some would have you think.

A qualified lead, as opposed to a free marketing lead, is a person who not only has expressed an interest in the product and business but also has followed up that expression of interest with either a monetary commitment or an intellectual commitment. The former, of course, represents the financial investment in the business opportunity such as the purchase of the distributor kit and an initial supply of the product, while the latter refers to the individual who wants to learn more about the product and business model and thus is working through the free online tutorial many a network marketer will have available on her or his website. Generally speaking, leads do not get more qualified than this.

Yet the process of turning a free marketing lead into a qualified lead rests on your ability to, for a lack of a better word, invade a persons private space and through process, turn their attention to your company and then generate the kind of interest in it that will have them asking for more information. Increasing the level of difficulty is the fact that usually you will only have about five minutes to make the most of an opportunity with a free lead if the person is responsive, while you will only have about five to eight seconds to generate the interest in that person to grant you the five minutes.

Considering that you are living and operating in a society where no, thank you is a conditioned response brought on by individuals being bombarded with telemarketing calls, junk mails, and droves of people handing out materials in shopping malls and on street corners, you can see how the odds are stacked against yet. Thus, turning a free network marketing lead into a qualified leads rests on three distinct skills.

1. The skill to read a persons personality within a split second of initial contact to adequately ascertain how to conduct a conversation.

2. The skill to appeal to the individuals most pressing emotional need, such as being accepted, feeling needed, being treated like an intellectual equal and then meeting that need.

3. The skill to transfer the need and its fulfillment to the product or business you are selling while placing you in position as the gateway to that fulfillment. Develop these three skills, understand their potential, deliberately train your instincts, and you will turn any free marketing lead into a qualified lead in little time.