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Network Marketing Lead Generation - The Insider Secrets Of The Funded Proposal

Posted by DustinCallahan in March 5th, 2008

Posted in: Marketing

Hopefully by now you realize why every fortune 500 company, every successful business or corporation, and even successful non-profit organizations use Marketing. I am shocked that network marketers, who operate under this guise of marketers, have NO IDEA how to market and hardly do it anyway. But that is all changing. Why? Well, as much as I would like to believe I am some sort of pioneer or the “first” to come up with good ideas…it’s simply not true.

There is a HUGE shift happening in network marketing. LOTS of people are waking up to the power of Internet Marketing to generate endless leads, and bring those endless leads into their business. Of course…most of these people are the ones who are more SERIOUS about being successful, which is why they put out more energy then someone who says, “I think I’ll give it a try”. When you take action it’s not about “giving it a try.”This is for the people who WANT success and aren’t stopping until they get it. If that’s you…I just handed you the map to the treasure chest. I’m going to cover somethingVERY important. This one piece could make or break your marketing efforts online. It’s called the funded proposal concept.

How would you like to get your prospects to PAY YOU for being your prospect? It sounds ridiculous right? Would you believe me if I told you it was the only thing that makes sense? The funded proposal concept is the science of constantly stayingin the profit, and having your marketing budget pay for itself.

It works like this…

You are spending time or money to create the traffic that will fill your pipeline with prospects. Rather than ONLY marketing your company or program to that targeted group of people…with a funded proposal you LEAD with a generic retail product that is targeted to your prospects.

Or, if you’re REALLY bright and see how powerful the internet really is… you’d put together a marketing and training resource page and fill it with VALUABLE resources for traffic and marketing education that people in ANY program are looking for. As people visit and pick things up from your resource page to help them in building their primary program, you get paid.

This is a “custom funded proposal”. You offer people valuable resources that they are looking for anyway… and when those resources help them, they’ll know you’re a “good guy/gal” in the industry and they’ll stay on your list. Later, you’d be surprised… they’ll start CHOOSING to get into business with you. What that means is…you will have prospects entering your pipeline and you will be marketing a SEPARATE front end product to them that also helps fulfill a need they have. By doing this, you are making up-front sales of a retail product, which puts cash back in your pocket, pays for your marketing costs, PLUS you are marketing your business opportunity on the back end the entire time. This is what your company website will never do for you. This is what most marketers completely miss the boat on.

They fail to create a system where the marketing costs pay for themselves and they put their entire business at risk. Here is why the funded proposal is absolutely necessary. Online marketing takes TIME before you start to see consistent sales and income. I’m going to be completely honest with you just like I am honest with everyone who joins my business. It takes some time for you to feed your marketing pipeline enough traffic to start to see consistent sales from the system. A good expectation of what to earn in Top Tier Online marketing is $2000 - $8000 a month in commission income after 3-6 months. $10,000 a month between 12-14 months and that’s IF you are doing it well. Online marketing is not get rich quick. But it CAN be very lucrative when you’re in the right system with the right people guiding you. And having a solid system with a funded proposal is so important for you to offset your marketing costs and only attract and filter in good quality people. Just do the math…

If you choose to spend $500 a month on marketing, and that generates 12 funded proposal sales at $50 each, you’re marketing MORE than you spend and your marketing pays for itself. Program sales that can net you $1,000 on top of that are pure profit.

With the funded proposal, you are marketing an upfront product to that market the entire time, and getting paid IMMEDIATE cash when someone purchases! Problem solved. There is a special kind of product that works INCREDIBLE to market to the crowd of people we are going after. Hint*, It has nothing to do with your company’s product. No one opted in to your list because they wanted a vitamin, skin care products, or whatever else your company sells.

They want to make money. Lots of money. Quickly. So what do we do…we sell them training on HOW to do online marketing the RIGHT way. People are 10X more likely to buy training or coaching on how to do something the right way then they are to actually do it! You can also sell them traffic.

Advertising resources. Marketing tools that will help them drive more traffic into their existing systems. Information products work wonderfully in this niche. You can sell a good info product to your target market all day long and that will help pay for whatever time or money you spent to acquire that prospect. On top of this, as you get to know your new prospects and build trust…you can market much “higher ticket” programs down the road. These are entire business systems or packages which range from $1500-$3000, which can put SERIOUS money back into your pockets. And that is almost all profit. Are your eyes opening up here? Are you cracking out of the online marketing tunnel vision egg? There is a lot more ways for you to build “YOU” as a business, then just to build your network marketing company’s business. Remember that.So now you might be thinking where do I find such a product to promote? DING DING DING, you’re staring one in the face.

How many people in this industry do you think would like to know the information I have been sharing with you just over the past few days? TONS. Literally, TONS. You stand to make boat loads of money in this industry right now because most people are starving for this information… And more than that… they’re desperately seeking people and systems that are proven to convert on autopilot. And frankly, there are almost none out there. Just a little knowledge of where to find the traffic and how to get it here… that’s all. I can teach anyone willing to learn how to do this in less than 1 month.

So, keep on reading, keep on learning… but better than that…

Get involved and take action!