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Market Your Business Through A User Generated Content Site

By Diane Corriette

User generated content is fondly referred to as UGC. If I was to ask you what YouTube is I would have a hundred hands up with a ready and accurate response, You Tube is a social networking community where folk that join get to share their interests and videos with lots of other people who share the same interest.

Sounds like MySpace, iTunes, and Podcast Directory, or Yahoo 360 member profiles, these are perfect examples of User generated content sites also known as social networking sites.

There are simply hundreds of sites on the internet that succeed in reaching millions of people all around the world, from these popular examples to the many smaller niche targeted websites.

The success of social networking sites is largely due to the fact that they appeal to our basic human needs. I am not suggesting they offer air and water, but after our physical needs are met our emotional needs, the need, or desire to be heard, or to make a mark in our world is satisfied by our participation within these types of medium.

Apart from this basic need, seriously, people just love to be heard, opinions are like noses, everyone has one. People with an opinion are driven to seek user generated content sites just to fulfill the need to express that opinion.

In the days before the internet there was the soap box. True, we did not all feel it necessary to jump onto a soapbox in the local park, or down at the mall, but there were plenty of times we really would like to have dropped our inhibitions just to be heard.

The internet has opened the door to allow us to express ourselves in any way we see fit, and to do this without being pointed at and laughed at by people passing by, the mask and massive audience the World Wide Web offers is a wonderful thing.

User generated content websites attract people, but even better they attract search engines. In fact attracting the attention of search engines using these sites could not be easier. The site visitors are happily doing the magic search engine optimization or SEO for you as they continually add content and keep your site looking active.

There are so many advantages of being a member of this type of online network. The personal social advantages are obvious; there are far better ways to meet people who are interested in the things that you like.

Being a member of a social network is an ideal way to share tips and tricks related to your hobby or even professional interests.

Apart from the advantages of finding people to communicate with around the world the professional advantages for people in business are limitless providing free and low-cost ways to promote yourself.

Being a member of a social networking site provides you with advertising for your products or services. They provide an opportunity to generate new leads that can lead to an ongoing business relationship.

If you find a niche site that focuses in on one particular topic this only adds to the opportunity to be found online and to generate new leads for your business.

Members of these types of content driven sites have the opportunity to set themselves up in their field and present themselves as an expert by sharing their knowledge with other users.

The best opportunity that social network sites provides is the ability to create endless contacts and networks.

These are hot contacts, prospective customers that have already come looking for what you have. Or joint venture opportunities with other professionals promoting their business.

If they dont come straight to you, they often find you by simply browsing through the content you have contributed or other users who have added you to their list of contacts.

User generated content sites also provide the advantage of allowing your potential customer to get to know you. They can read your work, listen to your podcasts, watch your videos and decide whether they want to do business with you.

Most business is done when people know, like and trust you and sites that provide user generated content make it easier to achieve that goal.

If you run your own business and are not taking advantage of this type of marketing you are missing out on large sums of potential revenue and the opportunity to have a continuous source of new leads for your business.

Social networking is the future of websites online. Static websites are dying if they are not already dead!

The opportunities available for anyone looking to publish their book, sign a record deal, sell their services, promote their product online through these types of websites is huge and is growing every day.

My advice is to find one that fits into your area of work and immediately begin promoting your work and build your reputation because thats exactly the kind of opportunity that user generated content sites provide.