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Investigating a Home Based Business Opportunity - Questions to Ask Before Starting

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By Faye B. Roberts

So you want to know how to Investigate a Home Based Business Opportunity. If you are seriously thinking about investing in a home based business opportunity then do some research before you part with your hard earned money. Please keep in mind that home based business schemes are out there so “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. So this makes it’’s very important that you do your homework.

You can say that article marketing lies are scattered all over the internet. Most of the time they are posted in forums and blogs because the authors are simply not informed of the truth. You will find many forums as you search the net, show caution as to what is said about how to use article marketing it can literally change the way you make your strategies in marketing.

You must not allow yourself to be affected by all those different opinions. You should be aware that the most popular article marketing lies are the ones trying to promote other product that they have to offer. Their goal is to convince you that their products are more beneficial to you're marketing strategy and will improve your SEO ranking. It comes with flowery words that have the power to convince you and make you decide to try their methods. Here are the three used article marketing lies that you will find among forum sites

1. The fact that the article marketing is already dead

This is a strategy used by many competitors with the purpose to make individuals believe this type of marketing is no longer effective in increasing the SEO ranking. There were rumors that Google penalizes websites if their own article links back to the owner's home page. That is one of the reasons why many now think that they really need article spinners, but these rumors are just that and have no merit. The truth is most who continue using article marketing, and disregard the rumors are still maintaining their SEO ranking.

2. Duplicate content

Behind the main idea of article writing is for your own articles to be used by other bloggers that need contents for the website and newsletters and it makes no sense that you will be penalized for that. Duplicate content is one of the myths you should not take seriously.

3. Article Marketing is known to be hard

Many people believed this to be true before giving it a chance. Making an article needs time and effort but it is not that hard if you follow a set program. Over time you will find easier methods in you're writing. You don't need to be a professional writer, writing an article should be approached as if you were just talking to someone.

Making sure that you are not one of the victims of article marketing lies, being careful what you hear and read among the forums. Remember forums are just a collection of thoughts of different people and they are not usually presenting any evidence based on research. Those who are just starting out need to carefully judge this market strategy with an open mind but most of all us your common sense.