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Profitable Home Based Business and the Power of Leverage

By Liane Bate

It’’s a nice idea to dream about your profitable home based business being just that - super profitable. It’’s also a shame that most people don”t realize that dream because they can”t figure out how the internet marketing game really works.

Most people start out a profitable home based business as an affiliate of someone else’’s products. A nice idea, but very few internet marketers are making big money simply by promoting other people’’s products.

Ever wonder how to get a virtual flood of FREE traffic to your websites? Yeah, me too! Then I discovered article marketing, and have never paid a single cent for website traffic since! Let's get started.....

What is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing is the art of the writing and distributing articles in an attempt to get people to click on the link to your website, blog, or affiliate page at the end of your article.

So How Do You Write Great Profit Producing Articles?

The number one rule for writing profit producing articles is to provide value to the reader! If you don't do this then nothing else you do matters, and article marketing will produce no results for you. Some of the best value oriented articles that I have seen explain a topic (like this article does), answer a question, or solve a problem for the reader. Regardless of your article format though, you want to make sure that you stand out by providing GREAT information.

The second rule for writing articles is to never sell anything in the body of the article - This really goes with rule number one, but I thought I would make it it's own rule to really drive home the point. People do not want to be "sold" anything when reading an article. The goal of the article is to inform. You do the selling on your website once they click through at the end of your article. Besides, if you do try to sell something in the body of the article most directories will refuse to publish the article anyway.

In addition to following the two rules of article marketing listed above, the following steps will make your article much more readable and enjoyable for the reader.

Break up your text - Never have a paragraph that is longer than 5 sentences. Especially at the beginning of the article. Most people are lazy and will see long paragraphs as a lot of work. Don't laugh, I'm serious. If you break up your paragraphs and text it will go along way to getting people to read the article. Create Number & Bulleted Lists - Always, have at least one numbered or bulleted list in your article on something that is important. Use this article as an example of this. See how I am breaking up my text and giving the main points as bullets? Very good idea whether your writing an article or blog post. Have Multiple Sub-Headings - This again accomplishes two things. First, it makes the article look more readable. Second, if someone is reading your article to find out one specific piece of information sub-headings will help them find this information quicker. The reader or researcher will appreciate this and then might click through to your website for more information.

Follow the two rules listed on top and format your article properly and you will be ahead of 99% of Internet & Article Marketers out there. Let's push you over the top though, and give you a obscene advantage. What I am about to share with you is one of my top tricks.......

How To Format Your Authors Resource Box

When writing your "Author's Resource Box" or "Signature" depending on what the article site you are on calls it, include a byline or signature that seems to be a natural extension of the article itself. Here is what I mean:

Instead of writing an author's signature like this (99% of people do this):