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The vacation rental market is a competitive business and getting prospective rental guests to find your listing is tough enough, let alone converting that interest into a reservation. The massive choice people have is also a double-edged sword as more people are becoming concerned about vacation rental fraud, and wanting assurances that the properties they see on listing sites are genuine. One way of increasing their confidence is by demonstrating and sharing local knowledge through article writing.

You probably bought your second home because you love its location, and have lots of insider know-how on the best places to see, to eat, to play golf, and to enjoy activities. This is the type of information to share on your website but to give your site better visibility, writing articles about each unique experience can bring more visitors and improve your credibility as an owner of a genuine property.

Start off by making a list of topics to write about. Focus on specifics rather than making your topics too generic so that you capture people who are researching in more detail since these are the ones who are more likely to show an interest in your expertise. For example, instead of an article describing the best hikes in Arizona, narrow it down to 'Best Hikes in Sedona'; an article on 'Photographing Churches in the Loire Valley' is going to work better than a broader piece on photography in France.

Once you have a long list of potential topics, group them into categories. This could include seasonal activities, attractions, events, and advice for visiting your region. Then narrow down each topic list to begin creating article titles. An outdoor activities section could take in things people can do at your property and in the surrounding area, so might include canoeing, kayaking, running, cycling, bird watching, geocaching, hiking, dog-walking etc. Once you start thinking of all the things people can do, it's surprising how many topics will come up.

Now, get writing. Make some notes on what you want to include in the piece - you will need a short introduction, three or four key points, and a closing paragraph that reiterates why readers would want to visit your area. If writing an article on birding, your intro might mention the broader appeal, while the body of the article focuses on where to go to see the best variety of species and what are the best times of year to visit.

Your articles don't have to reference your vacation home directly since most article sites allow you to create a brief bio for yourself that will include details on you and your property and will include a link to your web site or listing. Most people who read articles want to know the person who is writing it has some experience in the topic so will read the bio and be more likely to click on the link.

Once you have written a piece - aim for between 500 and 750 words - submit it to article sites. You can then put links to the articles on your web site, Facebook page, and Twitter feed. When you have a collection of them, consider putting them into an eBook that you can give away to your guests, or even sell on your site.

Writing articles is not as challenging as it may seem. If you are knowledgeable about your area, you have information to share with others who are searching for it. Getting started is probably the hardest part so make a commitment today to get at least one done this week.