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FaceBook Or Bebo?

Do you adore using cool bebo skins? Or maybe love making bebo skins? I bet you do, why else would you be reading this now.

I am asked all of the time why do I adore skins, the solution is easy, I do not love bebo skins all alone but I adore making them realizing that others will also get some joy out of using them. I started making bebo skins a while gone when I saw that someone that I have grown chums with now had made his very own custom bebo skin with his name on it, so I pleaded him to make me one.

When he made me one I was extraordinarily excited, it was like if I had a custom number plate for an auto or something that nobody else had and I knew distribute of folks would need, although I was buzzed and loved my skin, it was not precisely how I pictured my bebo skin being, so I made a decision to make my very own bebo skin, and I commenced the trip of making rubbish skins, however without this educational process I do not believe my skins would be at the level they're at today. I am not saying I am the best bebo skin maker, because I am not I am in the top one but just fooling, but I'm sure that distribute of folk use and request me to make them bebo skins distribute of the time. Sp my query is to you if you like Bebo Skins then why are you continuing to studying this piece? Get a cool graphics programme like Photoshop and start learning the best way to make bebo skins.

You will not regret learning to make skins, I guarantee. Thanks for reading.

Which should you use? Both sites have their own advantages and drawbacks to why a user might or might not use the one and select to utilise the other. Lets first look at Facebook. Facebook is a clean looking internet site that offers you the facility to talk with friends any where around the world, however this is not in realtime and is done in a forum posting kind of way with the users writing on each others walls. One of the key points that Facebook really hammers Bebo on is the search function which on Facebook shows the folk on your buddies lists and nearest geological position first where as the Bebo search function is atrocious. Facebook has its issues however and by failings I mean many .

Not only will it seam as if when you log onto Facebook it requires a long while for you to be in a position to explore on your own page but also when viewing your own or others photographs Facebook seams not to reply and nothing occurs. Now onto Bebo which is a short name for 'Blog early, Blog frequently ' I do not actually think that Bebo is utilized for blogging in the way the creator thought it would've been but its used more like Facebook to keep recent with buddies and such like.

Both Facebook and Bebo have identical features, however Bebo blows Facebook out of the way with customisability, rather than taking a look at the same dull and bland profile layout Bebo members can create their own skins and then display them on their page.

Ordinary users can make their own and use them but almost all of the skins for Bebo have come from users with a graphic knowledge who make these skins for Bebo absolutely free. To my mind if having a look at a tasteless slow and uninteresting social network makes an appeal to you then Facebook should be a weapon of your preference however if your looking out for a cool and cool profile then a Bebo page that offers you the opportunity to pick your own skins for Bebo should be your decision.

I like Bebo Skins and I believe permitting members to form their own layouts is miles better than having to utilise the standard boring layout forced on you by facebook.