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Here's how you can start a successful article marketing campaign:

Establish your goals. The first thing that you need to do is to figure out exactly what you would like to achieve from this endeavor. Ensure that your goals are measurable. What I'm saying is instead of going for "attract more prospects" write something like this "increase traffic by at least 10% in the next 30 days." Doing this will help you determine if your goals were met or not after the given timeline.

Hone your skills. Unless you plan to outsource the tasks, I would suggest that you develop or hone the skills needed to succeed in this endeavor. These include writing, communication, SEO, research, and proofreading skills. Start by reading useful online/offline resources. Then, attend seminars and training programs if you feel that there's a need for it.

Research about article marketing. Before you take a leap, ensure that you know what you're getting into. Read about article marketing and don't stop until you become an expert. It's important that you understand the process and you understand how it works. How it can benefit you? What are the non-negotiables? You'll be happy to know that there are countless articles published in the online arena about this amazing internet marketing tool and all you need to do is to read them.

Get a list of most searched keywords. Know the most searched or the most popular keywords in your niche by using keyword suggestion tools so you'll know the best topics to discuss that your target audience will love. As much as possible, use long tail keywords that are popular but not overly competitive. Also, ensure that the keywords you target on your articles are extremely related to your business or to the products/services that you sell.

Create an outline. After choosing the keywords to target and after deciding on the topic that you're going to discuss, the next step to take is to plan your content. The process is pretty simple but extremely important. This is the key to ensure that your articles will come out organized and focused. List down the ideas that you'd like to cover and ensure that all of them are extremely important to your main topic.

Choose your titles. Don't be in a hurry when writing your titles. Remember, it's your titles that your audience will see first thus, it's important that they're extremely punchy and inviting. There are so many techniques to ensure that they're attention-grabbing. You can make them descriptive (give your readers a summary or the gist of your content) or make them benefit-driven. You can also make them thought-provoking (challenging common beliefs for example) or target your readers emotional hot button (make them feel certain emotion like anger or extreme excitement to get them to act right away).

Write your articles. Always keep your readers in mind when putting together your articles' content. Ensure that you give these people useful, unique information. Write using conversational tone and use keywords. End your articles with compelling, enticing resource box.

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